Monday, April 19, 2010

Osa (pistol)

Osa (pistol)

Osa is a multifunctional system of civil non-lethal weapons, designed for the active self-defense, signals and lighting areas. The complex consists of the gun and various versions of the (2-4 cartridges, laser target pointer, electronic ignition capsule) and various ammunition types

A set of consists of four types of cartridges, intended for self-defense (and traumatic), the filing signals[disambiguation needed] and coverage areas. Traumatic cartridge 18 × 45T equipped rubber bullet, 18 × 45SZ - special charge, providing an extremely loud and bright shot, a signal light 18h45S and 18 × 45O - special flashes of various colors and form. The pistol launcher itself is generating an electric pulse to trigger gunpowder charge.

The traumatic cartridge contains a (11.6 g) 15,3 mm bullet, made of rubber and having a metal reinforcing core. This a bullet has an initial speed of about 120 m / s and a muzzle energy of about 85 J. According to the developers, the bullet causes a shock when it hits the target.

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